Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Documentia-Y the 1990's

Documentia-Y 1990's

A photographic Exhibiton By Stephen R. Mingle/Gonzo®

The second part of the "Documentia" series.

"Hollywood - the Unforgivin" Los Angeles, CA

"San Francisco- Haight street" S.F., CA

" Jefferson memorial looking north", Washington D.C."

"St. Patricks Cathedrial" NYC

"Dashboard Jesus, Mexico"

" Raushenberg @ the Guggenhiem" NYC

"Rockefeller Center" NYC

"Panhandling Mexican girl" Tijuana MeX

"Mexico, Saddam" Tijuana MeX

"LA Freaker" Los Angeles CA

"Hollywood Walk of Fame" Los Angeles CA

"Grand Canyon Ranger" Az

'Newly married bride and groom," Denver Co

"Amish @ Frank LLyod Wright's Falling Water" Penn."

"Cinderella's Castle," Disneyland USA

"Selfportrait with Minie Mouse, Disneyland" USA

"Summer of Kurt Cobains death", Seattle, WA

"Giraffe-national Zoo" Washington D.C.

"Attacked by street performer, (goldman)",NYC

"Urban County Fair, "Arlington VA

" Deadheads over Chicago" Chicago IL

"Under the Loop", Chicago IL

"Bourbon St. Ross Perot parade", New Orleans. LA

"Quatro De Julio ', Baja, Mexico

"Warhol/Nixon" Washington D.C."

"Deep Elm, " DallasTX

" Market street window", San Francisco CA

"Mexico wood, " Baja Mexico

"Times Square", NYC

" Slots-o-Fun, " Las Vegas,NV

"Workers over big hole " Yosemite CA

"Zip the Chimp" Columbia, MO

"American wedding," San Francisco CA

"Public Enemy Pretzels', San Francisco CA

"Public Market" Seattle WA

"Street Jazz", San Francisco CA

"Opening Day S.F. MOMA" San Francisco CA

"Procession", Beumont TX

"Popye, 6A.M." Brookland NY

" Rooftop smokes", NYC

"Loose your head with Jesus" Kansas City, MO

"Picasso", Washington D.C.

"Moonlander," Washington D.C.

"The Fence- US/Mexican border"

"State Line, looking east" Kansas City, KS

"Sandstone Twirlers" Kansas City, KS

"Hornblower-Chinese newyear " San Francisco CA

"Solar Eclipse- North Rim",Grand Canyon, AZ

"Sunflower" Brooklyn NY

"Swimming pool", Beumont, TX

"Bourboun street", New Orleans, LA

"The Alamo" San Antonio, TX